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Gifts for Those You Love

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have already noticed that we’re up to something new. This year, we’ve brought our collection online by posting one-of-a-kind global gifts to our feed each day. Made up of small treasures from far-flung locations across the globe, this group of objects was acquired from an artist and lifetime collector. 

Though small in stature, each one contains a rich, fascinating history. Originating from Asia, Africa and the Americas, the collection captures the spirit of cross-cultural exchange. We’re calling this guide Give the World, because we think it captures the story within these objects and feels appropriately large-hearted. Happy shopping.

This tiny terra cotta sculpture from the Han Dynasty is what’s known as a mingqi or spirit object—an item made to help loved ones on their journey. We’d gift this serene, patina’d beauty to a true horse lover or anyone in need of an exceptional good luck charm. 

This vibrantly painted sign hails from Africa, where it once showcased a barber’s trademark cuts (and personality). Part folk art, part pop culture, the sign features the American R&B group, The Boys—who were internationally known in the mid 80’s. Like many boy bands, their devoted fans transformed them into icons. A perfect present for an outsider art aficionado. 

We love the eccentric character of this mid-century American piecefrom its chip-carved frame, to its rustic wood grain. Just the right mix of fun and function, we recommend gifting this to the adventurer in your life–or anyone with a passion for curiosities. 

For centuries, these vessels have been used quantify love and mourning. In ancient Persia, a sultan returning from battle might check his wives’ tear catchers to measure which one missed him (and wept) the most. Strikingly beautiful without the story, their surprising history makes them even more so. Wrap the set for a trend-setter who appreciates ancient objects. 

Shaped masterfully from bone, this diminutive leaf displays fantastic detail and form. Its curvature creates a sense of motion, while the central floral motif and finely chiseled veins reveal the meticulous hand of the Japanese artisan who carved it. A wonderful work of art for a desktop, we’d gift this to a beloved client or employee.

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