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20 Years of PAGODA RED

Though it’s hard for us to believe, 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of PAGODA RED. In that time, we’ve proudly become the design destination for people who love the art and history of storied objects.

We’ve been reflecting back on the many ways our gallery has transformed and evolved over the years. As we scroll through images, we can chart our creative journey as collectors—and see what an amazing trip it’s been. We like to think of our space as being its own living, breathing work of art, and are grateful to our wonderful clients for actively contributing to that conversation.

We now invite you to step back in time with us, as we share a few memories of the ever-changing space.

The Bucktown Showroom post-renovation

When we renovated the Bucktown space, we said goodbye to painted linoleum floors, and hello to a brand-new layout.

Bucktown Showroom, 2010

Bucktown Showroom Entrance, Damen Avenue, 2010

In 2010, the interior and exterior of our beautiful Bucktown gallery were featured in a 1stdibs editorial “Shop Talk.”

Bucktown Showroom, 2010

Here’s another favorite from the 1stdibs feature.

The Bucktown Courtyard, 2007

In 2007, our Bucktown courtyard was styled for the holidays with lots of fragrant greenery.

Bucktown Showroom, 1999

In 1999, the Bucktown location expanded to include a third floor annex.

Bucktown Courtyard, 2012

We celebrated the 2012 Chinese New Year in style, with an installation by Michael Thompson—a fresh twist on the traditional dragon.

Bucktown Showroom

Here, the entire space was reconfigured to showcase a spectacular Art Deco exhibit from Shanghai.

Founder, Betsy Nathan, 2013

In 2013, Taikkun Li artfully graffiti’d our stairwell with the Tao Te Cheng.

Bucktown Showroom

Here, we debuted our first selection of meditation stone tables.

The original Winnetka Gallery exterior, 2000

In 2000, we opened our very first Winnetka Gallery.

The Winnetka Gallery interior, 2000

The Winnetka Scholar’s Garden, 2003

Our incredible scholar’s garden was designed by Craig Bergmann in 2003.

The Winnetka Scholar’s Garden, 2003

A closer look at a few of the beautiful stone features that made the scholar’s garden so peaceful.

The Fulton Market Showroom, 2015

In 2015, we opened a showroom in historic Fulton Market.

Curious about our our current space? Take a tour of our gallery here—and come see us! We’re located in the Fulton Market neighborhood at 400 N. Morgan in Chicago. We’d love to show you around, and share our latest finds.

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