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Give Generously: Gifts Imbued with Gratitude

Throughout the holiday season, our thoughts turn to friends and family, gathering together around common tables. There is so much beauty to celebrate, but our favorite detail will always be the focus on gratitude and generosity. With this ethos in mind, we’ve assembled a collection of soulful objects that reflect this sentiment and are just right for gifting.

Porcelain Pomegranate Bud Vase | Dimensions Vary | Porcelain

Pomegranates, with their many seeds, are traditional symbols of fertility, offspring, and a wish for many descendants. These sculptural pomegranates make a statement as individual vases filled with blossoms or grouped to fill decorative bowls. Each finely crafted porcelain bud vase is finished with a chalk-like texture. Sizes vary slightly, and no two are exactly alike. We’d gift one (or more) to a loved one who is expecting, or hoping to be.

Large Selenite Tealight Holder | Dia: 3.25″ H: 3.75″ | Crystal

Carved of translucent selenite, this tealight holder shows off the mineral’s natural crystalline structure with a mesmerizing irregular surface. The pale crystal casts a soft, elegant glow when lit by a candle, illuminating the room with twinkling, soft light. Stunning when grouped, these make chic, memorable hostess gifts.

Set of Two Tibetan Tsa Tsa | W: 11.5″ D: 5.5″ H: 10.75″ | Ceramic, Steel

The Buddhist deities depicted in the two stacked tsa tsas above were created in a monastery by Buddhist monks in training. Molded ceramic works like these were sold to religious pilgrims as temple offerings to support the monastery. The quiet minimalism of this soulful piece makes it a great gift for anyone with an ultra-modern aesthetic.

Celestial Minqi Table With Offerings | W: 10.75″ D: 6.5″ H: 6.5″ | Ceramic

This remarkable sculpture came to us from a Chicago-area collector devoted to mingqi. Depicting everyday pleasures, these figures were offerings, intended to secure special treatment in the afterlife. This rare mingqi, which may be as old as the Tang dynasty (618-906), depicts a celestial table set with fruit, incense, and scrolls. The artist took care with the table’s design details, modeling it after traditional Ming furnishings. This unique piece would make an unforgettable holiday centerpiece, and a lovely gift to honor a mentor or family elder.

Jade Archer’s Ring Lined in Sterling | c. 1750 | Dia: 1.25″ H: 1.0″ | Jade, Silver

An 18th century gentleman-scholar probably wore this archer’s ring, which was carved by hand in Northern China, from the highest quality jade. Ancient archers once wore these rings to protect their thumbs while drawing back bowstrings. Later, wealthy men adopted them as fashion accessories. A contemporary artisan added a modern touch, lining this ring in sterling silver, and narrowing its size to 9.5. An object of beauty in its own right, this ring is also a kind of talisman–offering it’s wearer protection. An incredible gift for anyone with substantial fingers, it can also be strung on a chain.

Monumental Ancestral Portrait | c. 1900 | W: 58.5″ D: 2.0″ H: 76.5″

Reflecting the rich role that ancestors played in Chinese culture, this Qing-dynasty painting depicts several generations, dressed in intricately-detailed finery. The oldest ancestors are largest in scale at the rear, while the youngest are smaller and seated in front. Each figure’s features are distinct, representing their personal legacies. Suggesting the continuum of life, the group is pictured before an altar table, set with ceremonial offerings. We love the idea of this work of art hanging in a dining room, where present-day generations might gather around a table. A grand gift to be sure, we’d present it to a family matriarch or patriarch to celebrate the enduring love of family.

Whether you’re in the mood to contemplate or celebrate, we invite you to make sacred space for those who bring you joy. During this season made for gathering, we’re more grateful than ever for time spent together.

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