Bronze Relief Hand Mirror

Early 20th Century
W: 4.5" D: 3.0" H: 7.0"
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Before the broadened popularity of polished metal mirrors, many could only view their reflection by filling a basin with still water. With advancements in metalworking during the Warring States period (475 BC - 221 BC), bronze mirrors such as this became a daily tool reserved for the aristocratic class. An object of art made from valuable material, bronze mirrors frequently included cosmological, spiritual and even magical meanings and functions. Consequently, mirrors were commonly used as gifts, dowry offerings, burial goods, or religious accessories and were believed to dispel evil and misfortune.

This petite bronze mirror is a recreation of these traditional forms, finely cast of bronze with a thin, round form and low relief decoration. The molded decoration includes round medallions and simple chrysanthemum blossoms enclosed by a circular border. Left flat and unadorned, the opposite side would have been highly polished and coated with mercury or silver for a bright, reflective surface. The small mirror features a pierced knob that would have been strung with cord so that it could be easily held in hand or tied to one’s clothing. Displayed on a custom steel stand, we’ve elevated this historic object to a fine work of sculpture.

Additional Dimensions:
Diameter of Mirror: 5"

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