Ornate Canopy Bed

c. 1750
$36,800 USD
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W: 95.0" D: 67.0" H: 89.5"
Northern Elmwood
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A Chinese canopy bed, or marriage bed, was the most important part of a bride's dowry and was the central feature of her personal quarters. Traditionally, beds were central to Chinese everyday life and were very versatile: a seat upon which to entertain friends during the day and an intimate sleeping chamber at night. Decorated with fine carvings, inlay, and accessories, the canopy bed became an important symbol of rank and status, and the subject of rivalry among wives and concubines.

This exquisite 18th-century example features a canopy topped with elaborate interlocking dougong brackets and panels carved with mythical immortals. The canopy sides are decorated with open latticework and curvilinear spandrels trimmed by a beaded edge. The base is elaborately carved and elevated by a large storage compartment accessible by two small doors on the front. A low lattice railing encloses the bed, which has been transformed into a plush, upholstered daybed with the recent addition of custom chenille cushions. The bed's elmwood construction has aged beautifully from two centuries of use, softened to a warm brown and marked by traces of the original brightly painted finish.

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