Southeast Asian Shakyamuni Buddha Head

20th Century
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W: 7.5" D: 8.5" H: 12.25"
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With closed eyes and a gentle expression, this large stone head depicts the Shakyamuni Buddha in calm meditation. Also known as Shaka, Gautama Buddha, or Prince Siddhartha, the historic Buddha Shakyamuni embodies virtues of wisdom and compassion and guides others in their journey towards enlightenment. This statue is hand-carved from a porous stone and displays the many characteristic features of the Buddha - tightly curled hair, elongated ears, and downcast eyes.

With its realistic features, oval face, and porous stone material, this stone carving is similar in appearance to those found at the Buddhist monument of Candi Borobudur, located in Central Java, Indonesia. A later recreation of those ancient forms, this example nevertheless commands its surroundings with its timeworn beauty and boundless serenity.

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