Blue and White Eternity Jar

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H: 9.0" Dia: 9.25"
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This porcelain tea leaf jar is beautifully glazed in the blue-and-white manner, with hand-painted cobalt-blue decoration against a crisp white field. The porcelain jar has a rounded form and flat lid, a traditional shape for jars used to hold Chinese tea leaves or herbal medicines. The sides are brushed with stylized chrysanthemum blossoms, symbols of autumn and eternity, and an allover pattern of trailing vines. A border of auspicious ruyi motifs encircles the neck and vertical rectangular lappets decorate the base. Fired at the historic Jingdezhen kilns in Jiangxi province, the glazed jar continues the tradition of blue-and-white porcelain with a graphic design and vibrant blue color.

Each jar is hand-made and varies slightly.

Additional Dimensions:
Without Lid: 8.75"H
Diameter of Opening: 3.5"
Diameter of Base: 6"

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Blue & White Porcelain

Soon after its development in the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368 AD), blue-and-white underglaze porcelain became a favorite of the imperial court. Its broad appeal rapidly extended beyond China’s borders, becoming a lucrative export commodity highly sought after in Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

Using cobalt imported from Western Asia, ceramic artists ground the mineral into a vibrant blue pigment that was then painted directly on a porcelain base, coated with clear glaze, and fired. This underglaze technique brought with it a shift in focus from the overall shape of a vessel to the skill and artistry traceable in its painted decoration.

Transcending time and taste, blue-and-white porcelain continues to be appreciated around the world for the intricate brushwork and brilliant blue color.

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“PAGODA RED was extremely supportive in helping to pull accessory options together for the Lake Forest Showhouse. After providing them with details and our vision on how we were looking to finish our space, Laurene helped curate options that made it easy for us to edit and finalize. It's also no surprise that the unique pieces we used in our showhouse space were some of the first to sell.”

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