Quilt Warmer Vessel

c. 1900
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H: 4.5" Dia: 9.0"
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This unusual squat vessel would have been kept near a kang platform to warm one's blankets before bed. Much like a hot water bottle, the ceramic vessel was filled with hot water through the narrow top opening and placed beneath layers of quilts to slowly radiate heat. Beautifully symmetrical with a monochrome finish, we love this low vessel as an unexpected ikebana vase or a sculptural object.

Additional Dimensions:
Diameter of Opening: 1"

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Andrea Goldman | Andrea Goldman Design

“Over the years, I’ve incorporated many pieces from PAGODA RED into my designs. Not only can they balance new furnishings (and often new construction) by feeling more established, but the pieces emanate a sense of rich history, often leaving you wondering where they were in a previous life. These beautiful pieces carefully hand-selected by the team at PAGODA RED, coupled with their unbelievable customer service, make them a must-have for any home.”

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