Floral Relief Hot Water Bottle

c. 1650
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H: 4.5" Dia: 8.0"
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This squat brass vessel is an early Qing-dynasty hot water bottle, originally used to heat a bed or warm the body. The round container would have been filled with hot water through the narrow top opening and used to slowly radiate warmth. In addition to being used as a bed warmer, the bottle could be easily carried on long journeys and used as a hand or foot warmer.

Delicately detailed in low relief, the vessel is adorned with an allover pattern of scattered florals and trailing vines. Stems and leaves weave across the surface, parting to frame a flowering branch of ripe peaches, symbols of immortality. The underside of the vessel is finished with the reign mark of the Shunzhi Emperor (1644-1661). Beautifully symmetrical with a monochrome brown patina, we love this brass vessel as an unexpected decorative object.

Missing a knob on the top.

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