Glass Tear Catcher

H: 4.5" Dia: 1.5"
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Tear catchers have been used for centuries to show remorse, guilt, love and grief. Used throughout the Roman empire, mourners filled glass bottles with their tears, and placed them in tombs as a symbol of their respect for the deceased. In ancient Persia, when a sultan returned from battle, he checked his wives’ tear catchers to see who among them had wept in his absence and missed him the most.

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Andrea Goldman | Andrea Goldman Design

“Over the years, I’ve incorporated many pieces from PAGODA RED into my designs. Not only can they balance new furnishings (and often new construction) by feeling more established, but the pieces emanate a sense of rich history, often leaving you wondering where they were in a previous life. These beautiful pieces carefully hand-selected by the team at PAGODA RED, coupled with their unbelievable customer service, make them a must-have for any home.”

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