Guo Hongwei, "The Illustration Book of Natural Form No. 3," 2017, Set of 6

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Guo Hongwei has achieved wide renown for his mastery of the watercolor technique, culminating in depicting objects from the natural world with scrupulous fidelity. In "The Illustration Book of Natural Form" series, Guo pulls inspiration from his love of nature and his extensive knowledge of the means by which natural specimens have been collected, depicted, and classified since the Renaissance. Focusing on non-precious minerals and stones that he finds at local marketplaces in Beijing, Guo studies the way each mineral naturally “grew," and mimics its formation using the application of overlapping layers of watercolor pigment. The result is a set of highly individualistic paintings, each one a hybrid of still-life and imagined object, a specimen ‘collected’ via the artist’s brush.

Watercolor on paper. Framed set of six. 13" x 13" each.

This set is available online only.

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