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Terra Cotta Shanxi, China H: 11.0" Dia: 9.0"
Ceramic, Glaze China H: 26.5" Dia: 16.0"
Ming Cizhou Wine Jar
Porcelain, Glaze Jiangxi, China H: 19.5" Dia: 9.5"
Porcelain Southern China, China H: 7.0" Dia: 4.5"
Ceramic Shanxi, China H: 7.25" Dia: 8.25"
Terra Cotta, Glaze Shanxi, China H: 7.25" Dia: 6.0"

Set the Mood

Nothing elevates the warm glow of a candle better than a perfectly imperfect hand-formed dark clay pantry vessel.

Porcelain, Glaze Jiangxi, China H: 19.75" Dia: 9.5"
Ceramic Shanxi, China H: 10.25" Dia: 11.5"
Black Clay Vessel
Porcelain, Glaze Zhejiang, China H: 4.0" Dia: 3.5"
Porcelain Jiangxi, China H: 20.0" Dia: 9.5"
Ceramic, Glaze China H: 25.0" Dia: 17.0"
Ming Cizhou Wine Jar

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