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the bms.

A Chicago studio driven by artist Brian Stanziale, the bms. has partnered with PAGODA RED to design a one-of-a-kind studded collection. Gilt with thumbtacks, our 19th-century traditional objects are transformed into avant-garde works of art.

Bamboo, Metal Northern China, China W: 4.5" D: 4.0" H: 10.25"
Bamboo, Metal Shanxi, China W: 5.25" D: 4.5" H: 13.75"
Bamboo, Metal Shanxi, China W: 4.5" D: 3.5" H: 12.25"
Northern Elmwood, Lacquer, Metal Shanxi, China W: 19.75" D: 19.75" H: 3.0"
Gilt Tray
Cypress, Metal Shanxi, China W: 10.25" D: 6.75" H: 6.25"
Kintsugi Rest
Cypress Shanxi, China W: 10.0" D: 5.5" H: 5.0"
Daisy Rest
Cypress, Metal Shanxi, China W: 10.75" D: 6.0" H: 5.25"
Kintsugi Rest

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