Pair of Tibetan Dragon Column Carpet Runners

c. 1900
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W: 120.0" D: 30.0" H: 0.5"
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Historically used within Buddhist prayer halls, these long Tibetan carpets were once wrapped around structural columns to adorn and insulate the interior. Intended to be hung on either side of a column, these carpets are designed in complement to one another, so that the decorative elements flow seamlessly around the entire pillar.

Hand-knotted of plush Tibetan wool, this pair of vibrant column carpets is decorated with two sinuous golden dragons against a field of dark blue-black. Auspicious creatures of protection and power, these dragons once swirled around a column as benevolent guardians of the monastery. Meant to be seen from a distance and to animate a space with their spirit, these rugs have a graphic design that looks incredible as an area carpet or wall hanging.

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