Pillow with Vintage Japanese Pleated Skirt and Plaid

W: 20.0" D: 8.0" H: 20.0"
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The Japanese silk techniques that combine to form these pillows are fundamental to the formation of contemporary fashion aesthetics. In the center, fabrics from vintage skirts create a bold pattern with subtle underpinnings. The finely detailed stitching and traditional pleating provide deep texture. Plaid patterning on the edges directs the eye into these complexities. Together, the two patterns make a pillow that doubles as a work of art.

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Suzanne Lovell | Suzanne Lovell, Inc.

“I am particularly fond of PAGODA RED as we have known the family for so long. Betsy is a professional in every way and her intelligent taste comes from a long line of family knowledge in the arts. She and her team are the very best to work with and we find treasures with every visit!”

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