La Tolita-Tumaco Standing Female Figure

c. 500-1000 AD
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W: 4.5" D: 2.5" H: 7.5"
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This standing effigy was crafted in 500-1000 AD Mesoamerica using the gray clay paste that characterizes La Tolita-Tumaco ceramics of early Colombia-Ecuador. The art of La Tolita-Tumaco civilization is considered one of the most developed of the pre-Columbian period as metalwork and ceramics were the most popular form of cultural expression. The ceramic creations of this culture were often based on the human figure to create portraits of people and realistic daily scenes of life cycles and the human condition.

This figure appears to be wearing a loincloth and is adorned with a beaded necklace and an elaborate coiffure or headdress. There are holes lining each ear indicating the potential use of ear spools or other jewelry. The facial features are left intact with stunning detail, revealing a pensive expression.

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