Porcelain and French Ormolu Centerpiece

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W: 16.0" D: 12.25" H: 12.25"
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The exquisitely painted scene on this porcelain bowl is distinctly Eastern: the restrained, precise brushstrokes show a family lounging in a Chinese garden, surrounded by lush greenery and a scenic mountainous landscape. Made for export, the ornate bowl was designed to suit the tastes of Westerners enamored with Chinese porcelain ware. The gilded base and rim display a clear French influence, and employ a precise and time-consuming technique wherein artisans would coat a vessel in a finely ground, high-carat gold–mercury mixture, which they then fired to drive off the mercury, and leave behind a brilliant gold coating. These French Victorian and late Qing artistic styles combine harmoniously to create this stunning porcelain bowl.

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Mick de Giulio | de Giulio kitchen design

“I love working with PAGODA RED. When I’m looking for something distinctive for one of my clients, I can be sure I’ll find it there. Betsy has an incredible eye for the beautiful and unique and she continues to offer one of the best collections of Chinese furniture and decorative art.”

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