"Chesterfield" by Patrick Fitzgerald

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W: 18.25" D: 1.0" H: 21.5"
Mixed Materials
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Entitled “Chesterfield,” this work by Chicago artist Patrick Fitzgerald is one of a series of “track paintings” that materialize the imagined tracks navigated by his miniature soap-box car sculptures. Inspired by slot-car racetracks, each painting depicts a meandering, yet cyclical path that twists and turns upon itself in an endless loop. In keeping with Fitzgerald's propensity to borrow from the past, the painting is rendered in a palette of orange, white, and brown taken from the mid-century packaging for Chesterfield cigarettes. Otherwise isolated from time and place, the painting achieves a sense of timelessness and draws a through line linking the past, the present, and the future.

“Chesterfield” is part of a body of work Fitzgerald calls his “Neighborhood of Infinity,” a borrowed term used literally to refer to the bounty of materials and creative inspiration he found in the industrial landscapes of his childhood in Grand Rapids, MI. Building from found materials collected over the years, he creates futuristic forms layered with personal memories and keepsakes from the past.

Oil, graphite, and collage media on board.

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