Fu Dog Stone Snuff Bottle

c. 1900
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W: 2.0" D: 0.75" H: 2.25"
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A mixture of finely powdered tobacco, herbs, and spices, snuff was introduced to China in the 17th century by Western diplomats. Initially reserved for ranking members of Qing-dynasty society, the practice provided an opportunity to display one's refined aesthetic through collectible snuff bottles.

This early 20th century snuff bottle is hand-carved from solid block of opaque white hardstone. The bottle has a flattened shape with high shoulders, rounded sides, and a tapered base. Carved into either side is the grinning face of a mythical fu lion dog. Known as shizi, this mythical creature is thought to offer protection from malevolent spirits and misfortune.

The original cap and spoon have been lost.

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