Tibetan Thangka of Chenresi

c. 1800
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W: 34.0" D: 1.75" H: 53.0"
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Thangkas are devotional paintings displayed by Buddhists in monasteries, temples, and even in their homes. The rich red, orange, green, and blue hues are still incredibly vibrant on this sacred 19th-century Tibetan thangka. At the painting's center is Chenresi, the Buddha of Infinite Compassion and the embodiment of mercy. Depicted here in a traditional position, Chenresi is recognizable by his four arms, seated in Vajrasana posture on a lotus throne. On his head is a five-pointed crown, symbolizing the Five Wisdoms of Enlightenment. His forward facing hands hold the wish-fulfilling jewel Cintamani, a symbol for his all-encompassing compassion. This thangka's silk brocade backing was added in the early 20th century and has since been carefully mounted on linen.

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